Work as a Baggage Handler in Frankfurt, Germany!

Are you looking for a rewarding full-time job in Germany with endless possibilities? Look no further! As a Talent Odyssey, we are thrilled to announce exciting opportunities for Polish individuals to join our team as baggage handlers at the bustling Frankfurt Airport. This isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to embark on a new chapter of your career with stability, growth, and fantastic perks.

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Why Frankfurt?

Frankfurt, the bustling financial hub of Germany, is not only a city of economic significance but also offers a high quality of life. Renowned for its cultural diversity, excellent infrastructure, and welcoming atmosphere, Frankfurt provides the perfect backdrop for your professional growth and personal development.

What We Offer:

  • Full-Time Employment: Secure your future with a full-time position offering an indefinite employment contract.
  • Comprehensive Training: No experience? No problem! We provide all the necessary training to equip you with the skills needed in your role as a baggage handler at the Frankfurt airport.
  • Free German Courses: We understand the importance of language proficiency. That’s why we offer free remote German courses up to the A2 level, ensuring you can communicate effectively in your new work environment.
  • Monthly Scholarship: All our attendants receive a 1000€ scholarship each month, during the German course supporting you before you settle into your new life in Germany.
  • Welcome Relocation Bonus: To make your transition smoother, we provide a 1000€ welcome relocation bonus to assist with initial expenses to kickstart your journey in Frankfurt with confidence.
  • Assistance with Documents: Navigating paperwork can be overwhelming. Our team is here to help you with all necessary documents, ensuring a hassle-free relocation process.
  • Accommodation Support: Forget the stress of finding a place to stay. We assist in securing comfortable single rooms with essential amenities, including a fridge and kitchenette.
  • Competitive Compensation: Beyond the regular hours, we value your dedication. Any extra hours worked are duly compensated.


We require candidates to provide documents demonstrating employment continuity over the last 5 years and a clean criminal record certificate.

Why Choose Us:

  • Work in Germany Right Away: Skip the long waiting periods. We offer immediate opportunities for you to start your new career in Germany.
  • Work Without Language Barrier: Don’t let language be a barrier. With our free German courses and a supportive work environment, you can thrive without language constraints.
  • Premium Recruitment Agency: We’re not just offering jobs; we’re offering a chance to be part of something exceptional.


Take the first step towards an exciting future! Apply now and unlock the doors to a fulfilling career in one of the world’s busiest airports. Your journey starts here – work, learn, and thrive with us!

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