Tips and strategies for dealing with challenges

Working abroad, especially in Greece, presents many challenges, but with the right strategies we can successfully overcome them. This experience can contribute significantly to our personal and professional development, and the ability to manage stress is extremely valuable here.

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One of the most common problems is the language barrier. Even though English is often used in the hotel industry, knowing basic phrases in Greek makes communication much easier and builds positive relationships with local employees. There are many free apps with which, you can easily learn simple phrases that are sure to be received in a friendly manner abroad.

Another challenge is adapting to different cultural norms. Each of us comes from a different country. Chances are you will experience a difference with approaches to time, which may differ from what you are used to. Punctuality is important, but Greeks also value flexibility and spontaneity. To minimize stress, be prepared to take some liberties with schedules and avoid getting frustrated by delays.

Working in a hierarchical structure can also be a challenge. Companies often have a clearly outlined hierarchy, which can affect how decisions are made and how communication takes place. Respect for elders and superiors is very important – in any culture. Understanding these norms and adapting to them by showing respect and delivering on responsibilities can help establish better working relationships.

Another problem is social integration. Greeks are known for their hospitality, but initial networking can be difficult. Attending local events, learning the language and being open to local customs and traditions can make the process much easier. Making contacts with other foreigners working in Greece can also be helpful, giving support and advice from people who have gone through similar experiences. Sharing experiences with other people is very key.

Dealing with homesickness and the stress of moving is another challenge. Keeping in touch with family and friends regularly, even through modern technology, can provide relief! It’s also important to take care of your mental health by finding time for relaxation and entertainment, as well as physical activity. Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches, which you can enjoy after work! We encourage you to explore the area, try the local food and enjoy the sunny weather.

The hassle of paperwork, such as dealing with documents, health insurance and other administrative issues, can be overwhelming. If you decide to go through the recruitment process with our agency, you will easily get help with any of these issues. We always inform the candidate what documents are necessary, you will receive a list of contacts to the HR department of the hotel in question, which will always be of assistance.


Do you have enough courage in you to meet such a challenge? Nothing is lost!

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