Legal and administrative process for hotel jobs in Greece for EU Citizens.

Greece, as a member state of the European Union (EU), welcomes citizens from other EU countries who wish to live and work within its borders. This article aims to provide an overview of the legal requirements and administrative process involved in starting work in Greece for EU citizens.

Legal Requirements for EU Citizens: 

EU citizens have the right to work in any EU member state, including Greece, without needing a work permit or visa. However, there are certain legal requirements that need to be fulfilled to ensure a smooth transition if for instance you would like to work in hospitality:

1. Registration: Upon arrival in Greece, EU citizens are required to register their residence at the local Alien Bureau (KEP – Koinofelis Ependyseos Perifereiakis Monades). This registration is mandatory and must be completed within three months of arrival.
2. Tax Number (AFM): EU citizens planning to work in Greece must obtain a Greek Tax Number, also known as “Arithmo Forologikou Mitroou” (AFM). The AFM is necessary for taxation purposes and can be obtained at the local tax office (DOY – Dimosia Dioikisi Foron).
3. Social Security Number (AMKA): EU citizens are also required to obtain a Greek Social Security Number, known as “Arithmo Mitroou Kinonikis Asfalisis” (AMKA). The AMKA is necessary to access healthcare and social security benefits.

Administrative Process: The administrative process for starting work in Greece in hospitality or any other industry, involves several steps that need to be completed:
1. Employment Contract: EU citizens seeking employment in Greece must secure a job offer from a Greek employer. The employment contract should include details such as job description, salary, working hours, and duration of the contract. Talent Odyssey hospitality recruitment agency Europe will introduce you to an employer that follows all legal requirements.
2. Health Insurance: EU citizens must have valid health insurance coverage when working in Greece. They can either use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their home country or obtain private health insurance in Greece while having a hotel job.
3. Bank Account: It is advisable for EU citizens to open a Greek bank account to facilitate salary payments and other financial transactions.
4. Social Security Contributions: Once employed and pursuing a hospitality career, EU citizens are required to contribute to the Greek social security system. Contributions are made both by the employee and the employer and cover various benefits, including healthcare, pensions, and unemployment insurance.
5. Income Tax: EU citizens working in Greece are subject to Greek income tax regulations.

Duration of Administrative Process: The process to start working in Greece can vary depending on individual circumstances and the efficiency of the relevant authorities locally. It is important for candidates that want to have a career in hospitality and take a hotel job in Greece, to understand, that even if they have all the required documents, it might take several days until they can start working. Talent Odyssey hospitality recruitment agency works together with both the employers and candidates to make this process as fast and as efficient as possible.

The following information can serve as a general guideline:
  • Registration at the Alien Bureau (KEP): Typically, this process can be completed within a few hours, provided all necessary documents are in order.
  • Obtaining a Tax Number (AFM): The AFM can usually be obtained on the same day by visiting the local tax office.
  • Obtaining a Social Security Number (AMKA): The AMKA can also be obtained on the same day by visiting EFKA with the required documentation.

However, the thing is, in order to meet the above authorities, one needs to book an appointment electronically. And most of the times, appointment slots are not available immediately or for several days which results in delays. Candidates should have in mind that it takes approximately 7-11 days to start their summer job in Greece.

This is why, it is vital to cooperate with an agency like Talent Odyssey that works exclusively with trusted and professional employers. The Talent Odyssey employers assist the people that want to work for them in every step of this complicated process so, they can successfully complete it and start their hospitality jobs without taking risks.

If you are interested to work in Greece and expand your hospitality career, contact us by submitting your CV in our website and we would be happy to support you.


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