Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Entering the hospitality industry can be an incredibly exciting experience, full of new opportunities to develop your skills and learn new things. As a person with no experience, you must show that you have a lot of enthusiasm, can easily adapt to new conditions and care about the client (you do not lose your cool in more stressful situations). Today we will describe general tips that will make you do well during a job interview and thus increase your chances of getting hired.

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Get to know the company you are applying for better.

Try to find basic information about your potential employer. Learn about its values, mission and recent achievements. Thanks to this knowledge, you will learn how to tailor your answers to questions that may be asked during the conversation – this way you will show that you have similar goals. You will also demonstrate your interest in the company.

Read the job description carefully.

Check again what the requirements are – what is necessary and what could be an advantage. This will help you prepare answers to questions that may be asked. Regardless of whether it is work at the reception or in the kitchen – thanks to the knowledge about the key skills and expectations of the employer, you will be able to confidently talk about your experiences (even from everyday life) that may prove adequate in this job.

Take care of your self-presentation
A professional appearance is the key to making a good first impression. Choose outfit that complies with the dress code of the company you are applying to. If it is a more prestigious hotel, 4 or 5 stars, it would be in good taste to wear a white shirt. Look neat and tidy – this is important in hospitality sector. Also remember that being punctual is also an element of self-presentation. Don’t be too early or too late. 5 minutes earlier is the optimal time.

Practice the questions that are asked most often.

Some questions are standard and are asked literally in every job interview. Usually the meeting starts with small talk, which may be about the weather. Its purpose is to relax both the candidate and the interviewer. Then, you may be asked to tell something about yourself – think about what side you want to present yourself from. Also prepare answers to questions such as: “In what direction would you like to develop professionally?”, “What motivates you in your everyday work, apart from remuneration?”, “What are you looking for in a future job and what would be disqualifying for you?”. Try to anticipate what you might be asked, depending on your position.

Be prepared for behavioral questions.

These are questions that relate to your past experiences. Let’s say a potential future employer wants to know how you would approach customers. Customer service of the highest quality is desirable – therefore, even if you have no experience in, for example, a restaurant, questions that may be asked are “Remember the last family meeting. How big was it? What was the occasion? What was your participation in this meeting?” . Think back to those meetings or parties you hosted. Demonstrate that you can take care of people.

Consider what questions you will ask your potential future employer.

There is usually time at the end of the conversation for the roles to be reversed and for you to ask the questions. Take advantage of this opportunity – it will show that you are sincerely interested in working in this company. However, do not let these be questions that may spoil the atmosphere – e.g. “How high is the turnover in this position during the season?” Desirable questions are those that refer to positive aspects – “What do you value most about this company as an employee?” By all means, ask about the details of the position itself if something is unclear.

And finally, what is equally important – show your enthusiasm and positive attitude to life!

Hospitality is a people-centric industry, so show with your attitude that you simply like people. Smiling is very important here. Also maintain eye contact, pay attention to body language – be aware of yourself. And remember – stress is natural, but the more you practice, the easier it will become.

Good luck!

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