Internships in Greece with Erasmus +

Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world at almost 15 000 km. Dozens of smaller and larger marinas, harbours and other maritime-related places provide great opportunities to learn about working in this industry. Talent Odyssey, as a host organisation for vocational schools, invites students preparing for apprenticeships in Athens and Crete in professions such as Port and Terminal Operations Technician, Mechanical Technician, Electrical Technician, etc.

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When you started your apprenticeship as a Port and Terminal Operations Technician, were you hoping to work in an International Airport or Seaport? This is a very good choice. But tens of thousands of jobs around the world are also waiting for you in the fragmented area of smaller ports handling, for example, yachts or superyachts.

Erasmus job mobility is not only an opportunity to experience other cultures but also to prove yourself in less obvious workplaces. Even a small yacht port in Greece handles dozens of operations a day. Getting to know this working environment can change your career plans.

If you were starting out as a mechanic, electrician or similar technician, you were probably planning to work in a factory, mechanical workshop or, for example, to open your own business. As a student at an Erasmus vocational mobility school, you have the opportunity to test yourself in a different working environment. It may not be an obvious choice but it is certainly worth a try.

Talent Odyssey is a host organisation for Erasmus Plus vocational mobility schools. We work with companies that are leaders in their industries.

Together with Talent Odyssey, you will discover the charms but also the challenges of a career
related to the maritime industry.

Your career our goal.


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