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Yes, our services for finding you the right job are completely free. We do not charge you at any point in the recruitment process. Including consultations to help you decide and to discuss all available options with you.

If you require any additional services (for example; producing supporting documents, writing your CV etc.) then there might be a charge. In any case, we will always let you know beforehand.

It shouldn’t take longer than two weeks. In most cases it just takes a few days for the recruitment process to progress. You will hear from us even if we are not able to help you.

The tourism industry is seasonal. On average our candidates work for one employer for at least one season. That means between 3 to 6 months. We also help our candidates to find permanent employment or to find another employer after the end of the season.

Before you start your work you receive the contact information of the coordinator that is here to help you with every difficulty you face. You can also always contact our office on our 24/7 hotline. You can find all our phone numbers on the top of our website.

1. Apply for a job or send a spontaneous CV.
2. Our recruiters will contact you soon after receiving your application to get to know you better to be able to find you the position that suits you best / We schedule a recruitment meeting with you during a first short phone call.
3. After the initial interview we will prepare your profile and recommend you to a potential employer.
4. When we find the right employer, we schedule an interview with them where you find out all the details about the job. 
5. If you both agree to proceed, we send you a formal offer.
6. After you accept the offer, we will help you organize the necessary documents and your travel to the workplace.

We also cooperate with employers that are looking for permanent staff. Let us know your preference and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

You can always contact us at any moment, and we will try to figure out the best solution for you. It is important that you let us know how things are going and what your wishes and feedback are for us to help resolve any problems.
If you wish to leave your employer, it is entirely up to you. What we kindly ask, is that you act responsibly and professionally (i.e. give notice). We expect the same from the employers so the cooperation is smooth and ends on good terms.

We check, verify and visit employers and their facilities. We also choose them according to their reputation and culture that follows ours. “Employers that care for their staff and enable them to pursue career development”. Thus, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and expect to be connected to leading employers. 

Furthermore, because we have ongoing relationships and we get to know our employers we can share with you valuable insights about their business that help you choose the right employer for your needs and preferences. 

The trust goes both ways. Employers trust our recommendations as well. Therefore, you have better chances of being accepted for a job if you apply through us. Finally, you save your time and effort trying to figure out all kinds of details about the place, employer, job and whatever else that is important to you to make your final decision.

You should subscribe to our newsletter and check the “Jobs” page on our website where we post everything regularly. Alternatively, you can contact us through our contact form.

Of course. If there is more than one job that you are interested in and you feel it corresponds to your profile and career goals you may apply for two or more jobs at the same time.

You can also create multiple resumes so you can highlight different skills for each position.


Access to talent: We have excellent relationships with candidates we have already pre-screened or cooperated with before through a wide partner network.
Speed: We have an extensive pool of candidates and we can provide you with our recommendations within days.
Efficiency: You don’t need to review hundreds of resumes, upload your information and vacancies and qualify candidates.
Better candidate insight: Our recruitment process and philosophy enables us to know our candidates better. We provide you with valuable information to understand if a candidate is a better fit.

It depends on the agreement. The most common practice is to charge a recruitment fee after our candidate has remained engaged for half a month.

– Understanding employer needs regarding vacancies
– Sourcing new candidates
– Screening candidates
– Interviewing candidates
– Preparing a detailed profile of a candidate
– Selecting and recommending candidates
– Handling the rest of the recruitment process till the employee arrives at the destination.

We don’t get involved with regards to the employment contract between the candidate and the employer and the process with the local authorities that have jurisdiction. We surely support and coordinate but that doesn’t fall under our responsibilities. It is the employer’s legal responsibility.

As much or as little as you like. Our services are customised to your needs. We have deep knowledge in hospitality and will enquire to you until we are confident we can source the right people for you. But you are very welcome to work with us as much as you prefer.

There are 2 promotional options for job lists. Our “POSEIDON” and “ZEUS” packages.

  • Feature your job post on our website so it can be visible first.
  • Boost your job post in our social media and job portals

You can read more info here https://talent-odyssey.com/employers/ 

But, do contact us for a discussion so we can recommend the best option for your needs.

No, for our standard “HERMES” package. Our “POSEIDON” and “ZEUS” packages entail dedicated marketing expenses based on your preferences so, they incur a charge that must be prepaid.

Contact us for more information.

It depends entirely on our clients and what is important to them. We always aim for long-term and value-adding relationships. Therefore, we customize our approach and KPIs to make sure that we are working and delivering on what’s most important to your business.

Furthermore, we survey and interview our candidates/recruits and our recruitment partners to receive their feedback and ensure we change and improve on a continuous basis.

Screening and testing needs are different from one employer to the other. We are equipped to handle a variety of cases. The exact cost depends on the nature of the screening, but we can provide you with a pre-employment evaluation.

Whether it is a national or local background check or a drug test, we can administer a multitude of evaluations to give you the peace of mind you need to make a great hire.


Talent Odyssey - Hospitality Recruitment Agency Europe

Yes, we also arrange internships for students. We cater for both students through the Erasmus+ programme and students that are looking for an internship without any support. 

Our process guarantees to the student that at the end of the internship they fulfil their obligations to the University for an internship.

Generally, no. However, some of our partners reimburse one way flight ticket as a bonus after an employee/intern completes the agreed internship term. The agreed amount is paid at the end of the internship. 

We will clearly mention whichever is the case before you have to accept an offer. In no case, a ticket is prepaid by the employer.

Usually, internships are part of your education program and employers are not required to offer payment. However, most of our employers offer the same conditions as for regular employees which include salary, accommodation, meals and more. 

We will clearly communicate before you have to accept an offer, case by case, all the benefits that you will be entitled to, given your circumstances and what a specific employer might offer to you.


We are specialising in HORECA and Aviation. That means that we recruit mostly for the hospitality, gastronomy, tourism industries and airlines, airports and ground handling companies. However, if there is any other industry that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will be happy to assist you. 

You can apply for a specific job on our website by submitting your CV, at the bottom of the specific job description page.

If you wish, to send us a spontaneous application in order to help you find a job, you can:
1. Fill in the form in the Contact page on our website.
2. Contact us via phone or email or send us a WhatsApp message
3. Contact us on our Social Media

The statement of withdrawal of consent and the objection should be sent to the email address: recruitment@talent-odyssey.com

Our goal is to ensure that all applicants regardless of culture or background receive equal working opportunities within the workforce provided that their skills and experience match those required by the companies for which we’re recruiting candidates. 

However, we have to take into account all national requirements with regards to documents (Passport, Criminal record certificate, etc.) required to be eligible to legally work and register in the European countries we operate in.