Erasmus PLUS with Talent Odyssey


Discover opportunities for apprenticeships, internships and training in Greece and Cyprus with Talent Odyssey.

Erasmus Plus is a program financed by the European Union that offers students and employees the opportunity to undertake internships in companies and organizations across Europe. These internships are an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills, experience different cultures, and develop professional potential.

If you are heading to Crete, you are in luck because it is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Europe. Chania, located on the western coast of Crete, is a beautiful city with a picturesque port, narrow streets, and traditional taverns. It is also an ideal place to undertake internships because Chania has a rich and diverse economy, with numerous companies and organizations offering internships in many fields.

Students and teachers will have the good fortune of staying at the four-star Illianthos Village hotel. Such accommodation standards will provide them with a comfortable and safe place to relax after a day of work. This hotel, located directly on the beach, with very spacious apartment style suites, will also undoubtedly offer many attractions and amenities that will allow students to meet new people and enjoy their free time – for example, by relaxing by the pool or playing cards, billiards and ping pong in the play room. All the meals are served in the main hotel restaurant adding extra comfort.

Who are we?

Talent Odyssey Hospitality Recruitment Agency Europe – the organization that will host the students – is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy. This guarantees that students will have access to the best possible internships that will help them develop skills and gain experience in their chosen field. Additionally, the organization will provide support and assistance during their stay in Crete, which is incredibly important for people traveling to a new place and in need of support and help.

Talent Odyssey Hospitality Recruitment Agency Europe not only offers internships but also provides support and assistance to schools in preparing and developing the necessary documentation. As part of the Erasmus Plus program, schools must provide documents such as agreements, internship plans, schedules, and final reports to receive funding and program approval.

At Talent Odyssey, we know how important accurate and compliant documentation is, which is why we offer support and assistance in its preparation. Our staff is experienced in preparing documents and can help schools understand program requirements and complete the necessary forms and documents. As a result, schools can focus on educating students and providing the best possible internships without worrying about administrative aspects of the program. We strive to provide not only high-quality internships but also full support and assistance in preparing and developing documentation. This means that schools can be sure that all formalities will be handled efficiently and in accordance with program requirements, allowing students to focus on acquiring new skills and experiences.

Finally, at Talent Odyssey, we take the issue of entertainment very seriously. Your Erasmus Plus study group will have the opportunity to visit one of the top beaches in the world, located at the most Western part of Crete. The Erasmus group will also experience ancient monasteries, traditional village and Venetian castle on a different excursion that we recommend. We make sure the trips are comfortable and all inclusive. The city tour will introduce you to our Venetian harbor and old town, one of the most picturesque in all of the Mediterranean. Last but not least, how about a BBQ on the beach to celebrate your Erasmus Plus study group experience in Greece with Talent Odyssey? Undertaking internships as part of the Erasmus Plus program in Chania, Greece is an excellent opportunity to gain new experiences, be introduced to different cultures, and develop professional potential while enjoying top class service. With accommodation at the four-star beach hotel and an experienced and trustworthy organization hosting the internships, students will have everything they need to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Erasmus Plus internships in Greece are a fantastic experience that will help students succeed in their future careers.

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