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Talent Odyssey - Hospitality Recruitment Agency Europe

General Guidelines

When we receive your mandate to recruit for a specific position it is imperative that we receive all the relevant information.

Having in your team the right person that is motivated to perform as you expect them to, goes a very long way in terms of a) productivity b) your bottom line and c) your ROI with respect to our services. 

Our SLA kicks off when we have received the complete information package. To avoid any miscommunication we need this in writing. 

Our philosophy is knowing your exact requirements so we can source people that will excel, making your business more successful.

This entails receiving from you:

HERMES Package

Level UP!

Talent Odyssey - Hospitality Recruitment Agency Europe


Our strength lies in our verified pool of candidates. People we have already interviewed, met through our recruitment partners or recruited in the past and placed successfully with other employers. With the POSEIDON Package we commit to recommend you within 72hrs or earlier the 1st suitable candidate. Furthermore, since we constantly source and recruit you will receive priority for any new candidate that joins our verified pool. If you like the candidate we recommended you, then we will “reserve” him/her for you. The reservation duration will vary according to the timing. If we are in the middle of the “summer” season then we limit the duration to a couple of days.

Finally, as part of the POSEIDON package we will put up a dedicated post on Linkedin to receive applicants only for you. 

ZEUS Package

On top of all the priority treatment you receive with the POSEIDON package, the ZEUS package will deliver a completely dedicated recruitment approach.  We will put up a dedicated post on our website, naming and detailing you as the employer. Our website has a  “Featured” section for such posts that display first and are highlighted. We will do the same in job portals and social media channels according to agreed targeting and budget. Moreover, we will undertake a dedicated Linkedin campaign. Meaning we will target active and passive suitable candidates. 

We left the best part for last: “Headhunting”! We have scouts that identify STAR candidates that we meet in action. While they are performing and delivering outstanding service to hospitality guests. We will recommend you such candidates.  

Success fee and Extra charges

The packages  we outline on our website are charged per mandate. Per open position that you have in your business. As a standard, we charge a success fee that is payable upon a successful candidate placement. Consequently, for pricing please contact us.

Budget for dedicated ads and campaigns will be discussed and agreed beforehand in writing. Rates vary (in different countries) and change constantly. Upon agreement,  the charges will be invoiced and must be paid before implementation. Our sales team will be happy to explain everything in more detail.

No stress. Each time, we will advise the best options to choose from.

Just contact us and we will sort it out together.