CV – Tips and Tricks: crafting a winning resume for career success

A CV – resume, is a key element in the recruitment process worldwide. It is a document that presents your experience, skills and professional achievements clearly and convincingly. In today’s global job market, presenting your resume in English is critical, especially in industries such as hospitality, where working abroad is common practice. In this article, we’ll discuss key steps and strategies to help you create an excellent English resume that will catch employers’ attention and open the door to your dream job!

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Above all, remember that it is your resume that is your business card, and the recruiter will ask you questions based on it at the interview. If you are still feeling stressed before the interview check out the tips we have already prepared for you in this article.

Start by putting your name at the top of the document in larger print than the rest of the text so that it is immediately visible. Then, follow our steps, and we guarantee that with these tips your resume will be considered in the hospitality industry recruitment process abroad.

1. Summary: 

A summary at the beginning of your resume that summarizes your experience, career goals and why you are the right person for the job. It should be short, concise and focus on key information that will help us get a better idea of your personality and skills.

2. Work Experience:

This is where you can present your previous jobs, achievements and responsibilities. Start with the most recent positions, briefly describing the tasks you handled.

  • If you worked as a waiter, you can mention the number of tables served during your shift, the number of guests served or the catering systems used.

  • If you worked as a cook, you might want to detail the type of restaurant, the kitchen’s specialty, and the size of the team you managed.

  • If you have experience as a housekeeper, it’s worth highlighting the scope of your duties, the number of rooms or houses cleaned during your shift, and details of the workplace. 

3. Education:

Include the name of the university or school, locations, dates of graduation, and any achievements or honors during your education. When describing your education, focus on the most relevant aspects to the position you are applying for. Don’t forget to mention any courses e.g. bartending, waitressing, or catering.

4. Skills:

In this section, list your language skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills, and other specialized skills. Language skills are very important in working abroad. Try to be honest about what level your English is at. You can use this guideline below- use it freely!

  • A1 – Can understand and use simple phrases and sentences related to everyday life situations. Has limited knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and uses basic language structures.

  • A2 – Can understand short and simple statements and communicate in everyday life situations. Has basic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, can construct simple sentences in English.

  • B1 – Can understand the main points in clear statements about every day or work-related matters. Can understandably express oneself in typical situations, has an expanded vocabulary and can form more complex sentences.

  • B2 – Can understand complex speech in a variety of contexts, both at work and in everyday life. Can communicate fluently and spontaneously in a wide range of situations, and uses extensive vocabulary and grammar.

  • C1 – Has a very good command of English, can understand long and complex texts, including technical ones. Can express herself fluently and flexibly in any situation, and uses a wide range of vocabulary and grammar.

  • C2 – Is close to or has reached native fluency in English. Can understand and create even the most complex speech, has extensive knowledge of English culture and literature.

It is through working abroad that you can improve your English language skills and more. Read this article and you will learn why you should go to work abroad in 5-star hotels.

Creating an effective resume in English is a key step in the process of getting your dream job in the hospitality industry abroad. By clearly presenting your experience, skills and career goals, you can increase your chances of attracting an employer’s interest and receiving an invitation to an interview.

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