Benefits of seasonal work

Seasonal work in the hospitality industry has many benefits and advantages that attract many candidates. Especially in Greece or Cyprus, where you can be accompanied by sunny weather and beautiful views. Still thinking about it? Check out this article and you’ll find out why you should work seasonally!

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⏳ A smooth recruitment process:
Your convenience and time are a priority for us. Our recruitment process is optimized to get you up and running quickly. From the first contact to receiving an offer letter – a document confirming your employment – it usually only takes a few days. Sometimes even within one day, our candidates receive a job! Find out how quickly you can get a job offer and apply here!

🎁 Additional benefits:
We care about our candidates so we are aware of the benefits due to employees in the hospitality industry. According to Greek law, seasonal workers receive additional pay of up to 1.5 salaries extra! In addition, free accommodation and free meals are provided for the entire period of employment, which is a significant saving.

💸 Real gains:
With free accommodation and food, and attractive hourly rates as a seasonal employee, you can earn a significant income. After the season, you can go home with additional savings, even up to €8000 which is rare in other industries! The money you earn and save will help support you for a while when you return to your home country. 

🏆 Valuable work experience:
Seasonal work in the hospitality industry is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Each season can be a new challenge, and working in different locations allows you to broaden your skills and build an impressive CV. If you still do not know how to create a good CV: here are some tips for you!  Not only do you gain practical knowledge, but you will also gain valuable contacts in an international working environment.

🎯 Personal development and networking:
Seasonal work not only enables you to gain work experience, but also personal development. You will meet people from different countries and cultures, learning new languages and customs. It is not only a job, but also an unforgettable adventure that will allow you to broaden your horizons and make valuable contacts. Check it here why doors are open for you in Greece or Cyprus!

🏄‍♀️ Free holidays:
Looking at the cost, you can enjoy an almost free holiday. Every day after work you can relax on the beach, swim in the warm sea, enjoy the local cuisine, and explore the charming surroundings. Take advantage of this opportunity and give yourself unforgettable memories that will be with you for a long time. Check here why Crete is the best place to live while pursuing a hospital career!

👫 You are not alone – go with someone!
We understand that deciding to go abroad for seasonal work can be difficult, but remember that it’s always better in a group. You have the option to apply together with a friend, colleague, boyfriend or girlfriend – it’s a great way to make sure you’re working in the same hotel and can share a room. As well as this, you will have company to explore and discover local attractions together during your free time, making the experience of working abroad even more rewarding. Check it here why this is a great opportunity for couples.

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