An outstanding achievement for the hospitality industry in 2024

Many of you are probably wondering if it is possible to have a viable career in the hospitality industry. Is it possible to be the best in the hospitality industry? 

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Well, yes!!!

The hotel industry, like many others, runs many competitions for employees from all over the world. This results in numerous competitions and galas. At the AICR International gala on the Côte d’Azur in Nice, the World’s Best Receptionist 2024 competition was held, recognizing hotel reception staff from all corners of the globe for their excellent service and professionalism in hospitality.

The final consisted of two 10-minute scenes with actors. They covered handling demanding guests, working under time pressure and with pushy guests, and prioritizing tasks and guest needs. Following this, there was an hour-long group Assessment Centre task. It reflected daily meetings, the creation of new procedures and standards, and conducting staff appraisals. Additionally, there were three half-hour written tasks. These included creating personalized offers to stay, confirming bookings, and responding to guest complaints. The biggest innovation was opening the competition space to the public. They were free to observe the candidates’ struggles. Can you imagine the pressure the competition members were under?

Nearly 30 experts from different parts of the world took part in the evaluation of the contestants, underlining the international character and high standard of the event.

This year’s winner was Jędrzej Król – a front desk employee at the Sofitel Grand Sopot (Poland)! Also on the podium were Titouan Rolland – Chateau de Berne (France) and Maica Horigue – The Hotel Britomart (New Zealand).

We congratulate all participants on their tremendous success. It is on your shoulders to make the first contact with the client, you are the ones who build valuable relationships. Thank you for your commitment and for being professional. Thanks to you, young people can see that the hospitality industry is full of successful and fantastically committed people and that success is achievable!

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Your career is our goal.


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