6 essentials to take with you abroad!

Preparing for a work trip abroad, particularly to scenic destinations like Greece, involves meticulous planning to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. While such trips offer opportunities for both professional growth and cultural immersion, proper preparation is essential for a smooth experience. In this article, we’ll explore essential items to pack for your hotel work trip in Greece, enhancing your comfort and confidence in a new environment.

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☑️ Documents: First and foremost, it is a good idea to make a checklist of the documents you will need for your trip. These include your passport, insurance cards, airline tickets, and a copy of your birth certificate. Make sure all documents are up to date and organized before you leave. In addition – you will always get all the information from us to exactly what you will need, as we do our best to make the process easy for you!

☑️ Additional entertainment: A laptop, tablet, or e-book reader can be useful for leisure activities. Think about which devices you like to use, which are easy to care for, and ensure you have access to them on the go. Remember that every day after work you have the opportunity to spend time on the beaches and in the sea, as well as exploring local sites, which we sincerely encourage!

☑️ Essential medicines: If you take any medicines, don’t forget them in your handy first aid kit. Nonetheless, know that when you work on a contract of employment, you are provided with medical care and insurance from day one, so you have the option of seeking medical advice if you need it.

☑️ Comfortable shoes: Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, comfortable shoes are key to your comfort. Make sure you have the right footwear for both work and sightseeing or walking. You will be provided with the right uniform for work from your employer, so you don’t need to worry about this at all!

☑️ Extra cash: it is always a good idea to carry some extra cash in the currency of the country you are traveling to. Whether you have a credit or debit card, there may always be situations where cash payment is preferred or necessary.

☑️ Positive attitude: Most important of all is a positive attitude and a willingness to meet new people and cultures. Being open to new experiences will make your trip not only safe and comfortable, but also full of unforgettable adventures and inspiring encounters. It may be that you will collide with a completely different culture from your home country. It’s worth approaching it with an open mind and an attitude to a new experience.


We keep in mind that there may be many other things that are necessary, but these seem to us to be the most important. Can you think of anything else? Write to us, we’d love to hear your experience that you’d like to share.

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