2023 Summary with Talent Odyssey and ErasmusPlus

In 2023, Talent Odyssey organised more than a dozen professional mobilities under the Erasmus + programme for students and staff of vocational schools and universities from Poland and Romania.  This initiative not only provides career counselling, but also comprehensive support, including transfers to/from the airport, accommodation, meals and leisure activities.  The success of the Erasmus+ mobilities organised by Talent Odyssey is distinguished by its meticulous organisation and commitment to shaping the future careers of the pupils and students taking part in these trips.

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Talent Odyssey, as the host organisation, made every effort to provide a seamless service to the students. From the moment they arrived at the airport until the end of their internship abroad, every detail was taken care of. We provided transfers to and from the airport, accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Crete or Cyprus and daily full board, so that the students could focus solely on their professional development.

The year 2023 was marked by a variety of professional internship offers organised by Talent Odyssey. From hotels (in positions such as maids, waiters and cooks), to print shops, garden shops, hair salons, manufacturing and service businesses and an olive oil factory (i.e. olive press), pupils and students were exposed to a variety of industries. The approach was designed to broaden their perspectives and help them discover their interests and strengths in the real professional world. Our company is also able to organise apprenticeship places in industries such as advertising and printing, logistics, confectionery, vehicle mechanics, landscaping, horticulture, veterinary medicine, electrical engineering, economics, commerce, locksmithing, mechatronics, IT, logistics, transport, tourism and aviation.

Talent Odyssey’s commitment to students’ holistic development extended beyond the apprenticeship period. Careers guidance sessions were a key part of the programme and offered personalised guidance to help the School identify the best apprenticeship pathways. This proactive approach aimed to equip students with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions about their career path. This year we are very proud to have worked with students, teachers, students and lecturers from the following institutions: Vocational and Continuing Education Centre in Oława, Vocational School Complex No. 2 from Białystok, County School Complex in Przodkowo, School Complex No. 2 in Tarnobrzeg, County Vocational Education Centre in Świdnik, Janusz Korczak Special School and Educational Centre in Mosina, General and Technical School Complex in Wojkowice and Romanian-American University from Bucharest. We would like to thank them for their joint work, the exchange of experience and the trust they have shown.


As part of its activities, Talent Odyssey organises a number of events and meetings, such as congresses and conferences. These meetings aim to bring together representatives of educational institutions – school principals and teachers – to discuss and share ideas on various aspects of education. In October 2023, we initiated the first ever Erasmus+ Congress with Talent Odyssey, which took place in Chania, on the island of Crete. Its participants were representatives of educational institutions from Poland, including the Special School and Educational Centre in Mosina, the Zygmunt Pulawski County Vocational Education Centre in Świdnik, School Complex No. 2 in Tarnobrzeg, and the General and Technical School Complex in Wojkowice.

The aim of the congress was to provide an opportunity to share experiences, gain new knowledge, improve pedagogical skills and build an educational community. Visits to local workplaces where students can carry out their internships were an interesting experience. A local olive factory, a beekeeping farm or 5-star hotels are just some of the places where students can put their knowledge into practice.

The Erasmus+ Congress undoubtedly made new contacts on an educational level and enabled its participants to learn about the benefits of working with Talent Odyssey in organising mobility for students and teachers.

We would like to wish all our partners, friends, students, teaching staff, management and everyone else with whom we have worked in the past year a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Even though it is cold outside the window, snow and frost or wind and rain – we wish you a warm and joyful season. Take a rest. We will see you again in a few months on a Greek beach bathed in sunshine 😊

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The Talent Odyssey team. 

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